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Baseball for Charity | a Larry & Rebecca Collett Foundation charitable event


Our goal is to support 501(c)3 organizations with a focus on leadership, education, and faith to make a positive impact in our community and future.


Why we do it

The answer is simple…there is a need. The Lowcountry has been very good to both Larry and Rebecca Collett and they have made it their life-mission to give back to a community that has given them so much.

The Charity and Baseball

Baseball is such a fun and engaging sport in communities across the globe. We want to take the fun of America’s past time and make it purposeful with our mission. Have fun, cheer on the players, and raise funds for a meaningful 501(c)3 charity that aligns with our mission of creating leadership, education, and faith-based synergy around the world.

The Charitible Activity Selected

Stay tuned April 1, 2024 as we announce the charitable activity selected for this fun and purposeful event.